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The Highlands Tribe

Our Latest Collection

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The Rose Gold Floral Belt

A handmade cotton belt in obi style design. 

The rose gold floral pattern has a very classy feel and can give a more formal look. 

It's a unique comfortable belt that can give you a fresh look in clothes you already have.

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Chinese Dreams Blouse

A blouse design that seems simple but still has lines that highlight your feminine silhouette. This striking kimono blouse with a wonderful and detailed floral pattern in the same color as the main body is made from 50's vintage acrylic fabrics. The collar is the most distinguished of the details on this design, made from silk with a floral pattern also that continues at the front line. Very comfortable and stylish to wear all day inside and outside the house.

Norse Flowers Crop Top
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Norse Flowers Crop Top

A crop top with a comfortable feel to it.
This design focuses on the comfort of the one that wears it but without losing its feminine side as it embraces the body beautifully and highlights the silhouette. This unique crop top was handcrafted with linen from Japan, a fabric that gives you the ability to wear it all day and feel fresh and unique.

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