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The Nutcracker Skirt

A very comfortable nutcracker-themed skirt.
Part of the Nutcracker collection, this design focuses on the dreamy fairytale side of winter and Christmas and staying stylish and fun. This skirt gives a great festive visual and comfort to the one that wears it. With the nutcracker skirt, you can make unique combinations every year.

Brush Box Somon2.png

The Mist Kimono Dress

The Mist kimono dress is characterized by long cotton sleeves which can transform this dress.

This design highlights the elegance and chic nature of the woman wearing it.  The details on this handmade cotton dress are the long sleeves with their D&G floral lining and the line of the same fabric around the neck. The ability to tie the sleeves at the back of the dress transforms it into wearing a different dress. Wearing it you will not pass unnoticed and will surely make you feel wonderful wearing it. A new classic silhouette that will make you find excuses to wear it on many occasions.


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